It is not just about you when you do finally start to take respite time on a regular basis. Your elderly family member can benefit from that time away as well, even if it feels as if you’re doing something selfish. That’s not the case at all. 

She May Appreciate a Change of Pace

Caregiver West Sacramento, CA: Respite Care and Seniors

Everybody enjoys shaking things up now and again, even your elderly family member. Work with her to figure out what she might enjoy doing while you’re away. That might be as simple as reading a book she’s been planning to read or watching a movie that she knows you don’t want to see. It might also be possible for her to have an outing of her own, with a caregiver who can make sure she’s safe. 

She Also Needs Breaks 

You know that you need a break, but the truth is that your senior needs a break, too. When someone is managing health issues and other concerns, they often want to keep up a brave front for the people they love. That can take a lot out of someone, even if it doesn’t feel that way at first. Your senior may be in a similar situation and having some time where she can just let herself be for a little bit can be just as helpful for her as the same is for you. 

She Spends Time with Other People 

As much as you and your senior love and care about each other, you each need to be around other people once in a while. This is normal and healthy. It helps you both to have other things to talk about when you’re around each other again and it’s an important part of socializing. Everyone has different socialization needs, though, so your senior may want quiet time when you’re away occasionally. 

You Both Need Time Away 

The bottom line is that you both do need time away from your regular routines and from the people you’re always around. Respite time allows you both to have that experience without causing any major disruptions to your senior’s care or life. This is beneficial for you both. 

When you’ve got regular respite time lined up, you can rest easy while your senior is in the capable hands of her caregiver. You’ll both have lots to talk about when you come back and you’ll both be better off for having taken that time. 


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