Driving can be a touchy topic and it’s entirely possible that you don’t want to get into a battle with your senior about driving if you don’t know what her current habits are. You might need to try some of these methods to gather data.

Pay Attention to When She Drives and When She Doesn’t

Elder Care Elk Grove, CA: Seniors and Driving

Something you might not have noticed is that there may be times when your senior is voluntarily not driving. Those times might be when it’s raining or when there are poor lighting conditions. She might have issues driving in heavy traffic. Everyone has weaknesses when it comes to driving. For your elderly family member, those weaknesses may make her feel less comfortable behind the wheel now. That can cause her to avoid driving when she’s more likely to have difficulty.

Give the Car a Once Over

If you know what to look for on the car itself, that can give you more information than you expect. What you’re looking for are dings, scratches, and indications that the car is coming up against more obstacles than it safely should be. That could mean your senior is parking it in unsafe locations, but a more reasonable explanation is that she might be hitting some things herself. A regular quick peek at the car lets you see what’s new and what isn’t.

Suggest a “Road Trip”

You don’t have to head down Route 66, but suggest a trip to the store or around the block with your senior at the help. Resist the urge to critique your senior’s driving, unless there’s something truly unsafe happening. What this does is allow you to observe your senior driving from a front-row seat. You’ll have the opportunity to see if there are challenges that she isn’t noticing and you may be able to gather information you didn’t expect.

Listen for the Word on the Street

What are other people saying about your senior’s driving? It’s very possible that people who know and love her have some opinions about her driving, especially if they’ve ridden with her and you haven’t. Take their information at face value and compare it with what you learn through other means. This can be information that helps you to help your senior.

All of these are ways for you to surreptitiously get some information about your senior’s driving habits. They’re not a guarantee of specific driving skills, but getting an independent driving assessment would be a great way to do that. If it is definitely time for your senior to stop driving, elder care providers can take on that task for her safely.

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