Are you or an elder care provider trying to help your elderly loved one after they have fallen? If so, there are many strategies that could help them out. Before reading these strategies, remember that the first thing to do after your elderly loved one has fallen is to check on them. In many cases, elderly people need to see their doctor after a fall to assess injuries. If nothing is emergent, the strategies you should take are mentioned below.  

Stay Calm 

Elder Care Natomas, CA: Seniors and Falls

One of the first things you should do if your elderly loved one had a fall is to stay calm. It is easy to worry or even panic if your elderly loved one falls. However, your elderly loved one is probably going to react similarly to how you react. For instance, if you get all anxious and start crying, they will likely do the same. However, if you stay calm and keep things focused, this can help your elderly loved one to stay calm, as well.  

Assessing for Any Injuries 

The next thing you should be doing after your elderly loved one fell is to assess them for any injuries. There might be instant bruising. You might notice that your elderly loved one is holding a certain part of their body. This could signify they broke, fractured, or sprained something. Your elderly loved one might be bleeding. No matter what is going on, do your best to apply first aid to control the situation. During this process, remember not to rush your elderly loved one. If they are injured, it might take them a bit to move around. In addition, if you are rushing, this could cause any injury to get worse.  

Pay Attention to Yourself 

The first reaction you have might be lift your elderly loved one up with all that you have. If you do this, you could easily strain your back, pull a muscle, or get injured yourself. It is important that you pay attention to yourself, as well. This might seem difficult because all you want to do is help your elderly loved one. However, if you injure yourself in the process, it will be worse for you and your elderly loved one.  


These are just some of the strategies you could use to help your elderly loved one after a fall. There are many things that could happen after a fall such as bleeding, bruising, and broken balls. However, if you stay calm, assess the situation, move slowly, and pay attention to what you are doing, you can make the situation much less chaotic. You might be worried about your elderly loved one in the future. However, if you hire elder care providers, they can check in on your loved one to make sure they are okay from this point forward.  


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